Service Accounts required in SharePoint 2013

Recommendations for a new SharePoint 2013 farm. They are not hard guidelines, just a good place to start.

Account name


Domain rights

Local SharePoint Server rights needed

SQL rights needed

sp_install Used to install SharePoint binaries. Domain User Local administrator on all SharePoint boxes public, dbcreator, and securityadmin SQL roles. Need to be SysAdmin on SQL when installing the Workflow Manager
sp_farm Farm account. Used for Windows Timer Service, Central Admin and User Profile service Domain User Local Admin during UPS provisioning, log on locally right None
sp_webapp App pool id for content web apps Domain User None None
sp_serviceapps Service app pool id Domain User None None
sp_content  Default account used by Search Service Application to crawl content Domain User None None
sp_userprofile1 Account used by the User Profile services to access Active Directory Must have Replicating Change permissions to AD. Must be given in BOTH ADUC and ADSIEDIT. If domain is Windows 2003 or early, must also be a member of the “Pre-Windows 2000” built-in group. None None
sp_superuser2 Cache account Domain User Web application Policy Full Control

Web application super account setting

sp_superreader2 Cache account Domain User Web application Policy Full read

Web application super reader account setting

​sqlinstall ​Account SQL is installed with ​Domain User None ​Local Administrator on the SQL box
​sqluser Account the SQL Instance is running as. Domain User None Will be given necessary permissions when SQL Server is installed by a local administrator on the SQL box


1) See 

Those are the accounts needed for a base install of a SharePoint 2013 farm. However, there are other optional features that require their own accounts too. Here’s a list of accounts to use if you install the optional components.

Account name


Domain rights

Local SharePoint Server rights needed

SQL rights needed

sql_ssas Account that we run the SQL Server Analysis Service services as Domain User None db_datareader on databases
sp_excel Excel services unattended account. Domain User None None
sp_pps PerformancePoint Unattended account Domain User None None
sp_accsvc Access Services. Used to create all Access databases in SQL and the service account running the service app pool for the Access Service Application Domain User None db_owner, public, and securityadmin
sp_workflow3 The RunAs account for the Workflow Manager service Domain User None None

3) Further Workflow Manager requirements are outline here,

These are just suggestions, they are not written in stone, just guidelines. For instance, every SharePoint farm should have its own set of accounts. Production SharePoint 2013 should be a different accounts than a dev SharePoint 2013 farm. And a production SharePoint 2013 farm should have different set of accounts than the production SharePoint 2010 farm that’s being upgraded.

Also, make sure to keep your account names to 20 characters or shorter. If your account name is longer than 20 characters you’ll get weird “account doesn’t exist” message when you know well it does. 🙂


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