Restore items from the SharePoint 2013 Recycle Bin

Interestingly, An item was deleted from a list (Task List) by a user, and to restore that item, users went to Recycle Bin and also to Site Collection Recycle Bin, but no avail. I was told to investigate the date of deletion and by whom.

So, the question asked to me was – Is there any other way to get the details of the deleted item or where the deleted item can be found?

Answer – Yes you can find out the user. Login to the content database, there you will have a table “dbo.RecycleBin”. Query this table for DeleteUserID and then query the table “dbo.UserInfo” with this deleteUserID to get user details. You will get other details as well from this DeleteUserID table.











Point to Note – Recycle Bin does not keep deleted items for ever. The default setting in SharePoint is to keep content in Recycle Bin for 30 days after deletion, this can be changed by the SharePoint farm administrators. When this grace period is over, items are moved to the second stage aka Site Collection Recycle Bin.

Two Stages of Recycle bin:
Yes, SharePoint offers Two stages in recycle bins,

First-stage recycle bin – When users delete Files/List items it goes to First stage recycle bin. Also called “End user Recycle bin”. Content in this recycle bin is counted on Site quota, so when you delete a file, it goes to recycle bin, But you wont get any additional free space, still it occupies site quota. This recycle bin is accessible to the end users, and its Security trimmed (Even a site collection admin can’t see end user’s recycle bins, He/She needs to use “Site collection Recycle bin” to see end user’s recycle bin.)

Second-stage recycle bin – When the content deleted from First-stage recycle bin, its moved to Second stage recycle bin. Here Items not counted on Site quota, But total space occupied by second stage recycle bin is based on Central administration setting “Second stage Recycle bin Percentage in Live site’s Quota”. This Recycle bin acts at site collection level, and can be accessed only to site collection admins.

I hope this will help you out.


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