SharePoint Search Index Partition Error

Recently, the client reported that search service application has stopped working in the production server and that they are not getting the search results. When I checked the search service application, under Search Application Topology section, I saw Search Index partition error – a yellow triangle. This definitely meant something is wrong with Index partition in that particular server.

Try the following steps before resetting the search index:-

  1. Clear the SharePoint Server Cache. Follow this article for detailed steps – Clearing the Configuration Cache
  2. Restart the ‘SharePoint Server Search 15’ service (services.msc) listed under Services(Local).
  3. Reset search index (Option available on left in Search Service Application Configuration Page)

The above steps needs to be performed on all the servers in the farm which are running Search service (Not on WFE, as hopefully on WFE Search Service Application is not running).

If Indices are not corrupted and nothing serious has happened to your search, after clearing cache and restarting the service, your Topology should show up just fine with tick marks under all the components. After this, do a full crawl and everything should start working as before.

This worked for me and hope it helps many 🙂

The last option for this issue is – Rebuild or Recreate the whole search service.


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