Product Review : Kernel Office 365 Backup and Restore

Cloud storage is by far the best suitable storage for all important data and documentations. Yet a few days ago, while internet surfing I came to know that data in cloud storage can too be at risk sometimes! And from there on my search for a suitable software for backing up Office 365 data began.

After an in-depth search for a suitable software that not only keeps a backup of Office 365 but also restores the data whenever required, I came to know about Kernel for Office 365 Backup and Restore. Initially I downloaded the trial version to analyze and understand the working of the tool and now after purchasing its licensed version and receiving complete satisfaction, I will share my personal experience of working with the software.

Kernel Office 365 Backup and Restore is a convenient tool both for the users and administrators. It creates a backup as well as restores single and multiple files. Let me help you with the working of this tool in brief:

After installation procedure is completed, launch Kernel Office 365 Backup and Restore.


Backup Procedure

  1. For the backup procedure to begin with, you need to select Backup option and Add the source from where the backup needs to be extracted.O365-backup-restore-2

Note: The tool provides the facility to download the CSV sample and then import the data from CSV to understand the format supported by the tool.

    1. Provide the source credentials in Mailbox Login ID(UPN). For backing up multiple mailboxes, you must have global administrator permissions.


  1. The mailbox can be filtered into entire Mailbox/Archived mails or Public Folder before migration.


  1. In a few spans of time, all the contents of the mail box will be displayed and there you will see numerous filtering options:
    • Date filter- select the date range for the mailbox to be backed up
    • Item Type Filter- if migration is limited to certain categories under the mailbox, such as Email, Journal, Task, Contacts and Calendar/Appointment.
    • Exclude Deleted folder
    • Exclude Empty folder
    • If you want to maintain original hierarchy in new folder
    • Uploading/downloading timeout can be set from 2 min to 20 min if the files are heavy in size.
    • If the backup has been performed previously and you need to backup further mails, it allows you to skip the previously migrated items.


  1. You can save the report to CSV as well as maintain migration log.


Restore Procedure

The restore procedure enables import of PST files to either single or multiple Exchange as well as to Office 365 mailboxes.

  1. The restore procedure is like that of back up procedure except that you required to Add a Source from where the PST files are extracted along with the destination for the imported PST files.


  1. Once the source and destination are added, you will be asked to map the contents of your source mailbox to your destination contents.


  1. After setting the migration filters as described above, the migration will take some time and in the final step you can save the report to CSV.


Kernel for Office 365 Restore and Backup pros and cons

After working with the licensed version of the tool, I came up with few advantages and disadvantages:


  • user adaptable tool with interactive features.
  • authenticity and security provided by the software as it demands user credentials for single mailbox migration and global permission rights for bulk cloud migration.
  • works well with non-technical background user because of the additional help manual provided along with brief instructions in each step.


  • migration process is little time-consuming, but it is mainly due to the large size of mailbox files.
  • The user must be aware with CSV reports before working with the tool
  • Trial version only allows 10 items per folder

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